The consensus is really strong that hiring Cat in the run-up to our annual meeting was a great move. Investors went out of their way to praise improvements in the team’s presentation style, along with the more dynamic and flowing content. It was, I honestly think, our best annual meeting and Cat’s sterling work definitely helped. Job brilliantly done.
— Christiian Marriott, Equistone Partners Europe
Cat provided us with invaluable help, support and advice as we prepared for our first Annual Investor Meeting. The fact that it went as well as it did was in no small part due to Cat’s involvement and I have no doubt that we will continue to work with her for many years to come.
— Mark Salter, Managing Partner, Apiary Capital LLP
Cat supported our Annual Investor Meeting rehearsal and speaker coaching this year ahead of the meeting in late March. Her background in IR coupled with a fresh perspective on their AGM presentations proved to be valuable for the senior team here.
— Jeremy Lytle, ECI Partners LLP
Well-structured, good depth of content and great presentation style... Informative and well presented... Interactive... Passion and energy...
— Feedback from delegates at Invest Europe's Fundraising & Investor Relations Master Classes
Cat has helped me to find my voice and develop gravitas when speaking in public, from board meetings to larger events. Building around my own strengths, she guided me to transform my initial apprehensions of public speaking into an engaging experience that fosters exchange and collaboration.
— Investment professional at a global infrastructure fund
Poise, presence and charisma. There are few people who can, for nearly an hour, comfortably stand before an audience, entertain them, introduce and interview a series of speakers, master the timing and do it without a teleprompter or visible cue cards. Cat Kipling is that rare person. In front of any audience, her charm, grace, skill and experience rise above and master the room.
— Daniel Rex, CEO of Toastmasters International
Cat’s help with our presentation was invaluable and has given us a much clearer picture of the direction we want to take. We were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of content we had, but to have somebody from the outside drill down into the strongest themes, slides and anecdotes has helped us get savage about stripping things out. Now that Cat has worked her magic we can allow ourselves a bit of space to breathe during delivery!
— Sophie Montagne & Sandy Hennis, Polar Performance (members of the first all-female team to ski coast-to-coast across Antarctica)