Speaker coach to professionals in and around the Private Equity industry

Through one-to-one coaching, I can help you and your team to strengthen your message and deliver it with impact to your investors, clients & portfolio teams.


Refining your message

You know your subject inside out, but how can you stand out from the crowd? By helping you to focus on the messages that are most important to your audience, and bringing them to life using storytelling techniques, I can help you to have greater impact when presenting.

Polishing your delivery

Even the most powerful of messages can be lost through poor delivery. I can help you to speak with confidence and clarity to ensure your carefully crafted words create the audience connection you need.



Providing audience perspective

With 10 years’ experience of Private Equity Investor Relations I know investors - what keeps them awake at night, what they need to hear at your annual meeting and what motivates them to invest in your next fund - and I can help you to tailor your communications accordingly.

TRAINING your team

As you head into a fundraising, it is essential that your whole team is aligned in terms of communicating with your investors. By delivering motivational and informative speeches on fundraising and investor relations, I can help galvanise your team to start your fundraising on the right footing.